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Matrassen gaan niet eeuwig mee. Op verschillende momenten beginnen onderdelen zoals de veren, de toplaag of de hoes gebreken te vertonen. De meeste matrassen vandaag zijn zo gemaakt dat als een van deze onderdelen het laat afweten het hele matras moet worden vervangen, omdat niks los vervangbaar is.

Dat is niet alleen kapitaal vernietiging, er gaan ook kostbare materialen verloren en de carbon footprint neemt enorm toe. Een Ubed-matras gaat deze problemen te lijf door oplossingen met essentiële voordelen voor de gebruiker.


Ubed mattresses are modular. This means that every part can be substituted individually. Is a part in need of replacement? No problem. Simply use our service to get it replaced. This substantially increases the longevity of your mattress and results in less waste. Good for you and good for the environment. Sounds like a win-win, right?

But it doesnt end there. Due to the modular build, your mattress can be carefully tailored to match your preferences. Based on your length, weight and sleeping position, we calculate your optimal firmness and we will build you the ideal mattress.


Sustainability and minimising waste are core values for Ubed. Every year over a hundred million mattresses are discarded worldwide. In The Netherlands alone 1 million a year. At least 80% of those are incinerated or end up in landfills, causing loss of materials and harming the environment in various ways. Only a very small portion is recycled.

This fuels Ubed's circular vision. When any part of a Ubed mattress has come to the end of its lifespan, it can easily be replaced. That part will be recycled and used to manufacture new ones. That way, with Ubed, every ending marks a new beginning, eliminating waste.


Ubed mattresses are better for the environment and last longer. But that doesn’t mean that you lose anything on quality or comfort. On the contrary, we believe in a no-nonsense mattress that never compromises on sustainable construction, design, and individual comfort.

Our mattresses are made from high-quality materials like 3D spacer fabrics, renowned for their resilience and maximum ventilation, all carefully calibrated to match individual preferences, resulting in maximum comfort and optimal rest.

Ons Team

Wij gunnen iedereen ons unieke matras te ervaren. Kom je graag even kijken naar het matras en probeer hem meteen even uit?