Mattress that helps against dust mites

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Have you often woken up with a cold? That could well be due to the dust mites. It is therefore useful to read up on what exactly causes this mite. But more importantly, what is the solution to always get out of bed fresh and fruity? You will find that solution below!

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are small mites that can live in an unsanitary and dusty (hence the name) environment. They are not visible to the naked eye, which is why many people have never thought about them. Mattresses attract a lot of dust and moisture every year and are therefore the ideal environment for dust mites to live in. Many people walk around with a degree of house dust mite allergy and will therefore suffer from long-term complaints such as colds, feeling short of breath, itching in the nose and eyes, and coughing up mucus.

How do I avoid the mite?

The answer is simple: choose the right mattress. You may be familiar with terms such as 'anti-allergenic' or 'anti-dust mite mattress'. Since dust mites are not visible to the naked eye, it is easy for mattress manufacturers to claim that their mattress is anti-dust mite or anti-allergenic. However, at Ubed we know that a mattress must have two very important properties to actually combat dust mites: optimal ventilation and the ability to completely clean the mattress.


The dust mites love to live in damp and warm places. A well- ventilating mattress ensures that all materials remain nice and cool. In addition, ventilating mattresses also have excellent moisture regulation, which is why you perspire much less and it disappears much faster. This way, the mattress attracts much less dirt and it will be more difficult for dust mites to survive and multiply.


A mattress that is completely cleanable is ideal for keeping dust mites out of the mattress. Dust mites are not only in the mattress cover, but also live in the inside of the mattress. So don't just consider washing the mattress cover at 60 degrees, but also washing and vacuuming the top layers and cores of the mattress. This way you not only extend the lifespan of the mattress, but you also sleep much fresher and more hygienic! So it goes much further than just an anti-allergy mattress cover. Now we can hear you thinking: do such mattresses even exist? Absolute! Ubed has developed the UBED C-100 and M-100 , the first truly ventilating mattresses that can also be completely cleaned thanks to their modular construction:

  • Wash mattress cover at 60 degrees,
  • Rinse off 3D top layers in the shower
  • Easily vacuum the pocket spring and felt base

And oh yes, they lie perfectly as well!

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