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Stomach sleeping, some people love it and others prefer to get rid of it. It is said that it can be accompanied by physical complaints, but is that really only due to the sleeping position? We give you the necessary information about stomach sleeping and how to choose the best mattress!

Is stomach sleeping a bad sleeping position?

Although it has never really been proven that sleeping on the stomach is necessarily bad for the body, experts do warn of possible disadvantages. Neck and back problems can be caused if the mattress is too soft for the stomach sleeper. When a mattress has a soft core, it can tend to collapse in the middle, which can lead to an unnatural curvature of the spine. In addition, they say that sleeping on your stomach puts too much pressure on the abdominal organs. This can lead to digestive problems, such as heartburn or stomach upset. In addition, experts say that the combination of pressure on the lungs and the head being pressed into the mattress can lead to breathing problems. At Ubed we only use optimally ventilating materials , so as a stomach sleeper you can enjoy a mattress that promotes breathing. Below we will discuss in more detail how the right support and materials can resolve potential complaints so that you as a stomach sleeper do not have to learn a different sleeping position!

The best mattress for stomach sleepers

As a stomach sleeper, should you sleep on a hard or soft mattress? The answer is simple; As a stomach sleeper you need a harder mattress. This is because a mattress that is too soft will cause an unnatural curvature of the spine, leading to back and neck pain. How hard exactly should the mattress be? The hardness of the mattress must be determined based on height, weight, and sleeping position. That is different for every sleeper; therefore choose a well-supporting mattress with personalized hardness , so that as a stomach sleeper you avoid the risk of nagging back pain and pain in the cervical vertebrae.

Can you sleep on any type of mattress as a stomach sleeper?

As a stomach sleeper, certain types of mattresses do not promote a correct ergonomic position. As mentioned earlier, stomach sleepers benefit from strong support, which is why we do not recommend choosing a mattress with a core made entirely of foam or latex. These are mattresses with soft cores. That is why we recommend a 7-zone pocket spring mattress, the different hardness of the zones ensures correct alignment of the spine. This way you can still maintain the correct posture as a stomach sleeper!

Still trying to stop stomach sleeping? This is how you get started

Would you rather get rid of sleeping on your stomach? We have listed a few useful tricks here:

Body pillow method

The pillow method to discourage stomach sleeping involves attaching a firm pillow to your stomach. You start the night in a side-lying position, and the pillow prevents unnoticed turning to the stomach by making it less comfortable.

An alternative approach is to use a tennis ball, but this method takes more time. Place the tennis ball in a washcloth that will be sewn to the front of the pajama shirt. This also prevents unwanted lying on your stomach during the night, because it simply feels less pleasant due to the pressure of the tennis ball on your body. Even though it sounds very unappealing, it is one of the most commonly used techniques to quickly stop stomach sleeping.

Pillow between the legs

The aim of this method is to teach you to sleep on your side. Lie in a sideways position, then clamp a pillow between your knees and ankles to 'force' your hips into alignment, as it were. This way you will become more accustomed to sleeping on your side, and you will slowly but surely work towards a new sleeping position!

Ask your partner for help

However, one of the most effective methods remains getting corrected as soon as you start lying on your stomach. Ask your partner to wake you up when he or she sees that you have fallen asleep on your stomach. While this approach may cause some disruptive nights, it turns out that your unconscious habits can correct themselves over time, ultimately making you less likely to roll over on your stomach.

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