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75% of all people are side sleepers. That is of course much more than all back and stomach sleepers, but not all side sleepers sleep on the right mattress. So what is the best mattress for side sleepers? We'll tell you below!

Which mattress?

There is no one specific mattress that is best for all side sleepers. However, we can give you certain tips that you should pay attention to if you are a side sleeper. For side sleepers, it is often advisable to choose a mattress that provides sufficient support for the hips and shoulders, as these parts of the body experience more pressure when sleeping on your side. If that support is not there, the vertebrae will be in a curve, and you will soon have persistent back problems.

The correct support

The correct support for the hip and shoulders (the two heaviest pressure points) can be found with the 7-zone pocket spring mattresses. 7-zone pocket springs mean that the zones where the shoulder and hip are located have stronger springs so that those parts do not collapse too deeply. This way you always remain ergonomically upright.

It is important to know that the hardness of the mattress as a whole must also be adjusted. This varies per side sleeper, as it must be adjusted based on body weight and height. A mattress that is too hard causes the hip and shoulder to be higher than the rest of the body, causing the vertebra to form like a hole. That is why we at Ubed recommend a medium to soft mattress for side sleepers.

The unique 7-zone pocket spring mattresses UBED C-100 and M-100 are adjusted on the left and right side of the mattress based on body weight, height and sleeping position. This ensures that the vertebrae for both sleepers are perfectly supported in an ergonomically correct position, so you always get up energetically.

Which side should you sleep on?

Sometimes one side is a little more comfortable than the other. Advice based on what is healthier, there is really only one answer; try sleeping on your left side. Sleeping on your left side can aid digestion, improve your circulation and even improve the efficiency of the lymphatic system.

Back pain as a side sleeper?

Do you sleep on your side and have back pain? Besides the fact that there is a good chance that the mattress does not support your pressure points properly, it may also be due to your posture. You may pull your knees and head together, we call this the fetal position. This allows your vertebra to lie (as it were) horizontally ergonomically straight, but at the same time be vertically curved. How can you unlearn the fetus position? Here are a few tips:

Stretching and relaxation exercises

Regular full-body stretching and relaxation exercises can increase flexibility and reduce tension, making it easier to fall into an upright sleeping position.

Pillow between the knees

Place a pillow between the knees, this blocks the chance of pulling your knees up, so you can sleep in a stretched position during the night. The firmer the pillow, the more likely this method will work.

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