Wash mattress cover

Meisje gaat matrashoes wassen

Although a good mattress can keep you in bed for a wonderfully long time, it attracts a lot of dust and moisture every year. That is why it is important to clean the mattress once every few months. This way you always sleep fresh and healthy. Below we will tell you everything you need to know so that you can easily keep your mattress clean!

Wash mattress cover

How often?

In general, it is advisable to wash your mattress cover every two to four months. However, there are two crucial factors that play a role in this: the ventilation of the mattress and allergies. A mattress with insufficient ventilation results in poor moisture regulation, which can cause the mattress to quickly become damp. A damp mattress creates an ideal environment for the growth of mold and bacteria. It is therefore essential, especially with allergies such as dust mite allergy, to wash the mattress cover more frequently (think of one and a half to two months ).

Frequent washing of the mattress cover reduces allergens and contributes to a fresher and healthier night's sleep. The importance of a well- ventilated mattress for both deeper sleep and hygiene cannot be emphasized enough.

At what temperature should you wash?

As with bedding, always follow the washing instructions provided by the mattress manufacturer. Not all mattress covers can be washed at 60 degrees due to the fabric that can shrink. At Ubed we only use materials that are intended to be washed at 60 degrees. This ensures that all dust mites, fungi and bacteria are killed.

Dry the mattress cover?

Do not dry the mattress cover in the dryer to prevent it from losing its shape. Hang it up early enough before you go to sleep and let it dry naturally. This way you avoid a cover that is too wet and therefore moisture stains on the core of the mattress. We cannot say exactly how long it takes to dry, all materials differ, for example a polyester mattress cover dries much faster than one made of cotton.

Refresh the entire mattress

Of course, a mattress does not consist entirely of a cover. So you're probably already wondering; how do I clean the rest of the mattress? The answer may be disappointing, as traditional mattresses with a foam top layer are not easy to clean. It is not without reason that foam is often used as an insulation material; it absorbs dust and moisture like a sponge. At Ubed we exclusively use top layers of 3D polyester, which is not only extremely ventilated but also easy to clean with water. In addition, the modular construction ensures that the mattress can be vacuumed from all sides, making the mattress as good as new again! Knowing more? View the UBED M-100 and C-100 now!

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