Frequently Asked Questions


What makes the UBED C-100 and M-100 different from other brands' mattresses?

We can talk about that for a while. You should at least think about the ventilating, modular and durable aspects. Below we discuss them one by one.

Why should I choose a ventilating mattress?

The filling of our mattresses consists exclusively of high-quality polyester and metal springs. So we do not use foam at all. Why? Because foam always ventilates less well. Besides personal support, ventilation is the most important function of your mattress to give you a good night’s sleep. Our polyester filling ensures that this is the most ventilating mattress. Polyester is also hypoallergenic, suitable for people with latex allergies and free of harmful chemicals.

Why should I choose a modular mattress?

A modular mattress is a mattress whose parts are separately interchangeable. There are several advantages to this, first of all we can offer 4 different firmnesses per side, without feeling a gap. In addition, after many years you can have only the top layer changed, allowing you to extend the life of your mattress, without investing a lot of cost or energy.

Why is there only one kind of mattress?

Quite simply, a durable mattress lasts longer. Our high-quality, recyclable materials and interchangeable parts contribute to this. So you make a conscious choice. In addition, we think it is important to take on sustainable responsibility. We have agreements with our suppliers that we can return all polyester and metal. So the materials we use are 100% recyclable.

Why am I paying this price for a UBED?

A UBED mattress is priced very fairly. Why? Because we don’t use stores, expensive showrooms, lots of staff or high margins. In fact, we deliver directly to you. Of course, sometimes you pay more than other parties, but in return you get personal comfort, optimal ventilation and a sustainable choice!

Material & Specifications

What is a UBED mattress made of?

Each Ubed mattress is made by hand. The filling of the mattress consists exclusively of high-quality polyester. From the glue to the cover. This material is hypoallergenic, breathable, suitable for people with latex allergies and free of harmful chemicals. In addition, it has the advantage of being easy to recycle. In addition to the filling, the UBED mattress consists of pocket springs, these springs are made of metal.

Is a UBED M-100 suitable for any type of bed base?

Our mattresses are suitable for all types of bed bases. Whether you have a box spring, (electric) slatted base, dish base, spiral base or a vlavrobe base, UBED mattresses fit any base.

How much weight can the mattress support?

A UBED M-100 mattress supports a weight of up to 120 kilograms, per side.

Trying out the mattress & Firmness

Can I come by to try out the UBED M-100 mattress?

Perhaps the best way to experience our mattress is in your own home, in your own bedroom. That is why you can test sleep on an UBED mattress for 100 days without any worries. This way you can first get used to the mattress. Do you really want to see and feel the UBED mattress first? Understandably, make an appointment to visit our showroom in Amsterdam. The easiest way is to schedule an appointment on the product page and together we will find a date.

How long can I test sleep?

Important choices are best made when you are well rested. That’s why we offer a 100-day trial sleep period. You always need about 4 weeks (+/- 30 days) to get used to your mattress.

Can the firmness of a double mattress be determined per side?

Do you and your partner have different preferences for the firmness of your mattress? No problem. We can adjust the mattress so you both sleep on your ideal mattress. When ordering your mattress, enter your sleep data (and that of your partner), and we will recommend a firmness for each side. Would you still like to adjust the mattress to your own comfort needs? You can. This way, you both sleep on a mattress that offers the right support and is comfortable. Without there being a gap between the mattresses (in the case of a double mattress).

What if my mattress is too hard or too soft?

Our configurator gives you customized advice on the firmness of your mattress. You can fill it in while ordering your mattress. Of course, it can’t always be a hit all at once. If the mattress is too hard or too soft after 30 days, we make a free proposal to harden or soften the mattress.

Maintenance & Warranty

Can you easily clean a UBED M-100?

You spend a large part of every day on your mattress, so it is important that it is clean and fresh. That is why you can simply machine-wash the cover of our mattresses at 60 degrees. Your top layer should preferably be washed with normal detergent on a gentle cycle.

Do you have to flip a UBED mattress?

A UBED mattress has only 1 top side, this becomes immediately obvious upon entering. By the way, the mattress has no ‘front’ or ‘back’. This is because our mattresses have 7-zones and therefore have the same zones looking from both sides. Do you have different firmness per side? Then you can feel which side is harder by pressing on the mattress with your knee.

How long is the warranty on my mattress?

We want to guarantee only the very best for you. That is why all our mattresses and every component are guaranteed for 10 years. So you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can sleep easy. If you want to claim under the guarantee, please send an email to with your proof of purchase, photos and a description of the problem.


What makes the UBED KIDS a safe children's mattress?

At Ubed, safety comes first, which is why we consider the following factors: The ventilation of the material is optimal, which facilitates breathing and the release of heat during the night. The firmness is such that proper support is given, without the baby’s or child’s head sinking too far into the mattress. There are no parts on the mattress through which, on which or in which the baby can get trapped. Packaging and labels pose no danger. Zip poses no danger due to child-friendly ‘pocket’.

Why is a UBED KIDS the ideal choice if your child suffers from allergies or skin irritations?

A UBED KIDS: Has extremely good moisture and air permeability, due to its open structure. As a result, the mattress also dries faster than standard children’s mattresses. Does not retain too much heat, unlike traditional children’s mattresses. Has a ventilating mattress filling. A linen fitted sheet from UBED helps to make the children’s mattress fully ventilating. Is fully washable. The cover at 60 degrees and the core rinseable. The UBED KIDS is the first children’s mattress that is fully cleanable, unlike other foam mattresses. The above features all help prevent accumulation of mites, fungi and bacteria. This makes a UBED KIDS the optimal choice if your child suffers from allergies or skin irritations.

Material & Specifications

What material does the children's mattress consist of?

In contrast to traditional children’s mattresses, the children’s mattress consists of only high-quality polyester. Polyester has an open structure, which ventilates optimally and thus facilitates breathing and the emission of heat. This ensures a good and safe night’s sleep. In addition, the use of polyester is much more hygienic. Moisture does not remain in the children’s mattress, which prevents irritation at night. Another additional advantage of the open structure is that the mattress dries very quickly after washing. Finally, a polyester core has a good hardness, so that your child not only gets the right support, but can also sleep comfortably.


What are the certificates of an UBED KIDS?

There are various certificates that can show that a product guarantees certain environmental, safety or health properties. For children’s mattresses, the most well-known are Certipur and OEKO-TEX®. All our products have an OEKO-TEX® certificate, which means that the children’s mattress is completely free of harmful chemicals and is safe for children. As we do not use foam at Ubed, for sustainability and hygiene reasons, a Certipur certificate is not important.

Maintenance & Warranty

How do I wash the core of my UBED KIDS?

It is important to keep the core of your children’s mattress clean. With traditional children’s mattresses, you can’t do this. Which gives fungi, mites and bacteria the chance to accumulate. The core of the UBED KIDS can therefore easily be rinsed out in the shower. After rinsing, the core dries quickly thanks to the polyester and the open structure of the core.

How do I wash the cover of a UBED KIDS mattress?

It is important to keep the cover of your children’s mattress clean. The cover of the UBED KIDS is therefore easy to wash in the washing machine. You can wash the cover up to 60 degrees, which also has an antibacterial effect. After washing, the cover dries quickly thanks to its breathable properties.


What is the maximum delivery time?

The UBED mattress will be delivered to your home within three weeks. The children’s mattress or linen fitted sheet is shipped on the next business day after ordering. Delivery usually follows within five working days.

What are the costs for delivery?

All of our mattresses are delivered free of charge. There is also no charge for ordering a children’s mattress and/or fitted sheet.


What if I want to return my mattress?

Under our trial sleep service, it is possible to have the mattress adjusted free of charge for the first 100 days after receipt. Should it still be the case that you are not satisfied with your UBED, you can return the mattress free of charge from 30 days after receipt. After an online purchase you always have the right to cancel the purchase 14 days after receiving your product. The purchase must be in original condition, unused and undamaged. Wrong delivery or a fault in the mattress? We are committed to providing the highest quality in our mattresses. Nevertheless, a mistake may occur during manufacturing or delivery. Should there be a problem in the delivery or manufacturing of the mattress, you can always contact us so that we can help you solve the problem.

Payment & Terms and conditions

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be found in the footer of our website. If anything is unclear, you can always drop us a line.

What payment methods do you offer?

Ubed offers the following payment methods: Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, iDEAL, and Klarna Pay.