The Ubed hotel mattress

Let's tell you more about our modular hotel mattress program and how it helps you to lower costs and footprint, while boosting your guest reviews.

How the modular program works?

Let's take you through the years.

Year 1: purchasing your Ubed modular mattress.

As foam is the biggest contributor to a matress' footprint, Ubed eliminated it.

At purchase the CO2 eq. can be up to 65% lower compared to a standard foam mattress.

This increases to up to 80% after you make use of our modular program.

Year 6: replacing a top layer versus buying a new mattress.

An average hotel mattress is replaced within 5 years after purchase.

Our modular system allows you to replace the 3D top layer, without replacing the mattress.

This extends the lifetime by another 5 years, which results in cost savings of up to 40%.

UBED C-100 matras open

Year 10: the infinite benefits of Ubed modularity.

After 10 years you can assess which parts need to be replaced.

As the Ubed mattresses can be easily cleaned throughout, the lifespan will be longer.

In some cases replacement of the 3D top layer will again be sufficient. In some cases you may want to replace the cover or the inner core.


Less kg C02 eq., due to foam elimination and modularity.


More economical, due to modular built-up.


Fresh, due to optimal ventilation and easy-to-clean materials.

“I initially just focused on long mattresses, because beach volleyballers are tall and good sleep is essential for top athletes. Once I saw the air-permeable mattresses from Ubed, which can also be adjusted in firmness, I was sure that these would fit perfectly within our resort, where nothing should be lacking.”

Family van der Schild-Rodrigues, Cabo Verde Beach Resort

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