What makes Ubed unique?

No matter what some may say, no mattress lasts forever. Parts like the springs, the top layer, or the cover, will begin to show defects at different points in time. Most mattresses today are designed in such a way that if one thing fails, the complete mattress must be discarded because their parts can’t be replaced individually. Not only is this destruction of capital, but it also results in the loss of valuable materials and increases the carbon footprint. A Ubed mattress not only tackles these issues, but modifies them into night-to-night benefits for the individual user.


Ubed mattresses are modular. This means that every part can be substituted individually. Is a part in need of replacement? No problem. Simply use our service to get it replaced. This substantially increases the longevity of your mattress and results in less waste. Good for you and good for the environment. Sounds like a win-win, right?

But it doesn’t end there. Due to the modular build, your mattress can be carefully tailored to match your preferences. Based on your length, weight and sleeping position, we calculate your optimal firmness and we will build you the ideal mattress.


Sustainability and minimising waste are core values for Ubed. Every year over a hundred million mattresses are discarded worldwide. In The Netherlands alone 1 million a year. At least 80% of those are incinerated or end up in landfills, causing loss of materials and harming the environment in various ways. Only a very small portion is recycled.


Ubed mattresses are better for the environment and last longer. But that doesn’t mean that you lose anything on quality or comfort. On the contrary, we believe in a no-nonsense mattress that never compromises on sustainable construction, design, and individual comfort.

This fuels Ubed’s circular vision. When any part of a Ubed mattress has come to the end of its lifespan, it can easily be replaced. That part will be recycled and used to manufacture new ones. That way, with Ubed, every ending marks a new beginning, eliminating waste.

Our mattresses are made from high-quality materials like 3D spacer fabrics, renowned for their resilience and maximum ventilation, all carefully calibrated to match individual preferences, resulting in maximum comfort and optimal rest.

UBED M-100

Fits like a glove.

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Why a
UBED M-100?

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Sleep today on the mattress of tomorrow. The UBED M-100 combines innovative design and technology in a tailor-made mattress that gives you the perfect night’s sleep.

We calculate your optimal firmness that is best for you personally. That way you are guaranteed a mattress that seamlessly suits your needs.


We don’t want to keep you up. That’s why you can change the firmness of your mattress for the first 100 nights and enjoy the worry-free luxury of 10 years warranty on every mattress.


Sharing a bed can be amazing. But what if your partner prefers a firm mattress whilst you want a soft one? No problem with the UBED M-100. Due to the modular build, we can change the firmness of both sides of your double mattress. And with a seamless connection, you won’t notice where your side ends and your partner’s begins.


Nothing worse than a bed that’s too hot or too cold. The UBED M-100 is neither. Its innovative 3D textiles provide for optimal ventilation, so you are never too hot or too cold. Moreover, the ventilation also efficiently regulates the mattress’ humidity. And then there is the hygiene aspect; mites don’t survive such environments and the textile parts are easy to clean at home.


The UBED M-100 lasts significantly longer and provides a solution to environmental problems. Moreover, we only work with European suppliers. That way we minimise our carbon footprint, without compromising on quality.


Firmness Core

Medium, Firm

Firmness Topper

Soft, Medium, Firm


Single : 16,5 -19 kg, Double: 33-38 kg


24.5 cm

Number of layers

8 polyester layers, pockets springs,
individually compressible steel springs (16cm)

Latex Free



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Trial and refund

100 day free trial and return for a full refund


We would like everyone to be able to enjoy our unique mattress. Feel free to try it out for 100 nights in the comfort of your own bedroom. Prefer to come by first? Then make an appointment to visit us in Amsterdam.
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