Ensure yourself of the right mattress with personal comfort

You go to a mattress store with different wishes, after all you know what you like and don't like. Yet it remains difficult. Find out in 5 minutes what really suits you. That's why we tell you about what can go wrong and what we do at Ubed to prevent this!

Get advice for the correct hardness

Lying down for a while is different from lying down overnight. A mattress can feel very different after you have slept on it for a few nights. At Ubed you will therefore receive advice for your hardness based on your weight, height and sleeping position.

Take physical complaints into account

It feels comfortable for a moment, but the support is not right. That's where the danger lies. Back, shoulder or hip complaints then occur more quickly. At Ubed, in addition to your own hardness, you also get the choice between normal or extra pressure reduction.

Choose the best comfort for two

Suppose there are two of you lying down, then you will of course both like the mattress. That is why at Ubed you can always choose your own hardness per side, including with a double mattress. Without having to worry about that slit in the middle.

Increased sleep quality

With a mattress that provides personalized support for you (and your bed partner), you'll sleep deeper and with fewer broken nights.

Prevent complaints

The combination of personal support, temperature regulation and hygiene at Ubed reduces the risk of all types of complaints.

Sleep without risk

At Ubed you always get a 100-day trial sleep period to properly test the mattress. We can also make the mattress softer or harder if necessary.

That's Ubed.