About Ubed

The who, why and how we make an impact in the mattress industry.

Problems in the industry

The mattress industry is and remains extremely polluting. In the Netherlands alone, around 1.6 million mattresses ended up on the streets.

Besides the fact that little effort was made to give mattresses a second life, according to Frans de la Haye it was mainly a result of the mattresses themselves.

For example, almost all mattresses lack ventilation and hygiene, have a short lifespan and are difficult to recycle.

To the drawing board

It was time for a fresh look. Starting with the basics: the material. A mattress without foam was a requirement. Pay attention, almost every mattress uses foam.

However, foam is prone to pitting, easily absorbs moisture and heat and can only be downcycled.

After many tests with different materials, we came across 3D polyester. This material is resilient, has excellent moisture and air permeability and is 100% recyclable.

Improvement upon improvement

For more than 2 years we tested ventilation, support and longevity in Germany with different types of material combinations.

After processing the latest feedback from a group of test sleepers, we knew for sure.

In 2022, our first mattress came onto the market, the UBED M-100.

More and more impact

Since launching our mattress, we have already achieved several milestones, to briefly summarize them:

  • Made 250+ sleepers happy with a mattress
  • A second mattress model launched
  • Publications in, among others, De Ondernemer, Het Parool, MtSprout and De Volkskrant
  • Became a crowd favorite at the 2023 VtWonen fair
  • A green interpretation of Black Friday

Frans de la Haye

Is the founder and, as an industrial designer in the field of beds and sleep, best known for the still successful Auronde Program.

Wouter Simons

Responsible for daily management and coordination. Week in week out he works on perfecting the products and services.

Eduard Zanen

Is co-founder of Ubed and supports projects on a daily basis that reduce the burden on the environment using innovative solutions.

We want to make these dreams come true

Sleep better

You will not find this combination of personal comfort and optimal ventilation anywhere else. Experience what it does for your night's sleep.

Get up energetically

A cool and hygienic mattress at night ensures that you get up fresh the next morning. Enjoy getting up again.

To live consciously

A modular structure with interchangeable parts has advantages for you and the environment. Consciously choosing means sleeping better and longer.

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