Foam vs.
3D polyester

Latex foam, PU foam, memory foam. Foam is foam. Insulating material. And you shouldn't want to sleep on that. Yet the whole of the Netherlands does it. Because many people don't know any better. But foam retains all your moisture, ventilates poorly, sleeps too warm in every season, has a lifespan of up to 10 years if all goes well and cannot be recycled after use. That is why Ubed produces mattresses without foam, but with 3D polyester.

With 34.6°C you improve your sleep quality

By using 3D polyester instead of foam, an Ubed stays two degrees cooler at night. It may not seem like much, but the difference in sleep is in the small margins. The excessively high temperature of a foam mattress causes broken nights, less deep sleep and lower sleep quality. 34.6°C, on the other hand, is the ideal sleeping temperature according to scientific research. Not too cool, but just cool enough to improve your sleep.

Everything about temperature

Wake up refreshed, without skin irritations or allergies.

You lose about half a liter of fluid per night. Foam loves it. This is unhygienic, hot and not good for your skin. That is why Ubed uses 3D polyester in both the cover and the top layer. Super ventilated and easy to clean yourself. You wash the cover and rinse the top layer in the shower. And the inside? You can also vacuum it!

Everything about hygiene

Don't throw them out on the street, but sleep through the night for 5 years longer

Why do foam mattresses give up after about 8 years? A layer loses quality due to lack of support or hygiene. This cannot then be replaced. At Ubed, all parts can be replaced separately for a longer lifespan. This way your mattress will easily last 5 years longer. After that it is 99% circular, we are only looking for a solution for the zipper.

Everything about circularity

And what about the support and pressure distribution of an Ubed mattress? Of course, the most important thing is that you have a good position. With its own hardness and choice of extra pressure-relieving pockets, you don't have to worry about this.

All about support

That's Ubed.