Increase your sleep quality with an optimal sleeping temperature

It's summer, you're tossing and turning in your bed. On the blanket, under the blanket, you don't know where to go anymore. The conclusion: your foam mattress is simply too warm. Not only in the summer, but all year round. Fortunately, there is an alternative.


'Cool' foam mattress

Almost everyone sleeps on a mattress that is too warm. Whether it is cold foam, memory foam or latex. Above 35.5°C, negative effects occur, which are manifested in less deep sleep, poorer sleep quality and a greater chance of broken nights.


Ubed 3D polyester mattress

2°C cooler, but not too cool. It may not seem like much, but the difference in sleep proves the opposite. 34.6°C is recommended by scientific research. Sleep longer, deeper and regain your sleep quality.

Increased sleep quality

According to scientific research, you will sleep better, deeper and with fewer broken nights on a mattress with our temperature.

Cleaner skin and mattress

On a mattress with the ideal temperature, you sweat less and your skin and the mattress itself stay fresher. Stop allergies and irritations.

Longer life span

A mattress with better ventilation ensures that your mattress remains of good quality and lasts longer.

Recommended by scientific research

"It is crucial to maintain skin temperature within 33.5-35.5°C during sleep, as deviations outside this range disrupt sleep, reduce deep sleep and shorten total sleep time (TST). Thermal comfort during the night is also positively correlated with perceived sleep quality.”

Moyen, NE; Ediger, T.R.; Taylor, K.M.; Hancock, E.G.; Holden, L.D.; Tracy, E.E.; Kay, PH; Irick, C.R.; Kotzen, K.J.; Hey, DDBioengineering 2024, 11, 352.

Confirmed by Ergonomics Institute Munich

We knew that cooler sleeper is better. Only then do we have to be able to prove that our mattress can also bring about the positive effects on your sleep. That worked. An Ubed mattress with 3D polyester is perfect between 33.5-35.5°C.

That's Ubed.