How can you extend the life of your mattress?

On average, a mattress lasts about 8 years. This is almost always due to loss of hygiene and support. If only we had a solution for both. Read on quick!

The timeline of lifespan extension

  • Thank you for your order, you have ordered a mattress from Ubed!
  • 0-8 years: sleep wonderfully on your Ubed mattress! Easily keep your mattress hygienic by washing the cover, rinsing the top layer and vacuuming the inside.
  • +/- 8 years: the real support of your mattress has now come to an end. At Ubed you can find a part that your mattress needs, often this is the top layer. You purchase this for a percentage of the purchase price.
  • +/- 8 years - 15 years: you will receive your new part, so you can stick to your mattress for a few more years. This way you don't have to carry anything and you are also sustainable and price-conscious! The price and process that precedes this is still being communicated.

Fair price

We do not give a discount, but just the fair price. Everything you see is in the quality. So you can order at any time.

Free Shipping

All products are shipped free of charge per box. You can easily assemble a mattress at home. Would you rather be ready to sleep? This is also possible for a fee.

100 days of trial sleep

At Ubed we give you advice for the best mattress choice, but sometimes we have to adjust something to your mattress.