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Ever heard of a children's mattress that you can completely wash? Now it is! The mattress cover of the Ubed children's mattress is washable at 60 degrees, you can easily rinse the inside in the shower. The mattress has excellent moisture and air permeability, so your child can easily lose heat and the fabric dries quickly. Handy for you, fresh and hygienic for your child.

Size: 60x120
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kinderslaapcoach Susanne Willekes over het Ubed kindermatras

First certified children's sleep coach in the Netherlands

Susanne Willekes about Ubed

"In addition to the optimal ventilation, it is super hygienic. What I think is ideal is that you can change the children's mattress completely (but really completely) and quickly, which is useful if you are ill and have an accident at night. And you prevent that. your child suffers from irritations or pathogens. (...) Your child can get on and back in the same afternoon or evening. This way your child will continue to sleep soundly and the mattress will last longer!"

Things that take parent life to a higher level and make life as a parent just that little bit easier, with the circular and fully washable Ubed children's mattress as the tip of the day.
In addition to the hygienic and ventilating aspects, polyester is very easy to recycle. And because the children's mattress consists entirely of it, it is also much easier to realize.

What children and parents like


Quiet nights!

I recently switched to this children's mattress and my child now sleeps well through the nights. And so do I ;)


Super mattress

Very satisfied with the children's mattress! Ideal that it can be washed and dried so quickly. Great service too!


Lovely mattress with a good story

We bought a new mattress from Ubed for our almost 3-year-old son. Every night when we put him to bed, we are jealous of such a nice, firm yet comfortable mattress! He sleeps wonderfully on it. We also think it's great that Ubed produces mattresses in a sustainable manner.


Super mattress for our baby

A particularly nice mattress, which fits perfectly in his bed (120x60). He has been sleeping like a baby ever since!

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What should you pay attention to with a children's mattress?

When you buy a mattress for your baby or child, there are several things you should take into account. First of all, it is important to look at the material of a children's mattress. There are different types of fillings, including cold foam, PE foam, memory foam and polyester. The latter has optimal ventilation, which is an important factor for a good night's sleep. In addition, polyester is much more hygienic due to its open structure. Moisture does not remain in our children's mattress, which prevents irritation during the night. A washed polyester mattress with an open 3D structure is also very dry.

What is the correct hardness for a children's mattress?

In addition, a children's mattress must provide the right support. A mattress that is too soft is not desirable, so make sure you choose a mattress that is harder, but without sacrificing comfort. At Ubed we use polyester with an open 3D structure, which is a sturdy material that is also comfortable.

Keep the mattress clean as possible

Of course, a child should always lie in a clean bed. That is why an UBED KIDS mattress can be completely washed and rinsed. You can easily throw the cover of the children's mattress in the washing machine and wash it at 60 degrees. You can also rinse the core in the shower. Unlike children's mattresses that are made of foam. Foam cannot be rinsed out in the shower and gives moisture space to settle in the child's mattress. This is not hygienic, as your child will have to spend many nights on this. Furthermore, because our children's mattress ventilates so well, the cover is so dry. This way, your child will be a clean sleeper again in no time.

The importance of a ventilated children's mattress

It is important that your child is not too warm during the night. To prevent this, a ventilated children's mattress is essential. Because the UBED KIDS has a completely open structure, your child can provide sufficient heat during his or her sleep. An air-permeable children's mattress makes breathing easier. A wise choice, even if your child suffers from allergies or coughing during the night.

The certificates of our mattresses

There are various certificates that can demonstrate that a product guarantees certain environmental, safety or health properties. The best known for children's mattresses are Certipur and OEKO-TEX®. All our products have an OEKO-TEX® certificate, which means that the children's mattress is completely free of harmful chemicals and that it is safe for children. Because we do not use foam at Ubed for sustainability and hygienic reasons, a Certipur certificate is not important.

Children's mattresses in different sizes

You can buy a children's mattress in various shapes and sizes. Are you going for a first mattress for your baby? Then you can, for example, choose a 60x120 mattress. Do you plan to keep the mattress until approximately the third year of life? Then a 70x140 mattress is a smart choice. If your child has outgrown the mattress, you can switch to a UBED C-100 or UBED M-100 mattress, which is available in various sizes.