Linen fitted sheet

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This timeless linen fitted sheet has a long lifespan due to the strong fiber and the weight of 185 g/m². It becomes more beautiful with every wash. Linen breathes optimally, which ensures a pleasant temperature. This way you can sleep comfortably on this fitted sheet in all four seasons!

Size: 60x120
Sale price€49,00

What is stonewashed linen?

Stonewashed linen is high quality linen that is pre-washed with natural and artificial stones before use. By pre-washing, the fabrics in the fitted sheet become looser and more flexible. This ensures that a softer and more flexible fabric remains. This is not only comfortable, but it also gives the washed linen fitted sheet a timeless finish.

What is linen made of?

Linen comes from the fibers of the flax plant, a relatively small plant that can be recognized by its small leaves and purple flowers. With the help of machines, the plant with its entire fiber is pulled from the field, which means that a linen fitted sheet ultimately has a relatively long fiber. This makes the fabric suitable for a long lifespan. Moreover, ecologically responsible methods are taken into account when growing and flowering, so you can enjoy 100% natural linen.

The advantage of stonewashed linen fitted sheets

Investing in a washed linen fitted sheet has several advantages. Thanks to the characteristic, strong fiber of linen, you can use our fitted sheets for a long time. The great thing is that in this case you do not compromise on comfort. Moreover, linen is a fabric that can absorb a relatively large amount of moisture and dry quickly. This makes it a wonderfully cooling fabric in the summer, but it also has a warming effect in the summer.

A linen fitted sheet: hygienic?

At Ubed, hygiene is of paramount importance, from the cover to the core. This also applies to our stonewashed linen fitted sheets. Due to the absorbent and ventilating properties, bacteria do not have time or space to build up. Moreover, you can simply wash a linen fitted sheet at 40 degrees. This way your fitted sheet always stays clean and fresh.

At Ubed you can buy your new soft fitted sheet

Looking for a soft fitted sheet with hygienic and sustainable benefits? Then you will find the right linen fitted sheets at Ubed. Our fitted sheets are extremely soft and retain this property due to the strong fiber. Discover your ideal size and shop easily online.