UBED M-500

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The UBED M-500 is a 7-zone pocket spring mattress with 3D polyester, for the best temperature while sleeping. This model has an extra layer with mini pockets. A right choice for physical complaints or when you need even more comfort. Personalize your sleeping experience by choosing from our four firmness options!

Size: 80x200


Hardness: Soft


Sale price€1.179,00

UBED M-500

Discover the entire mattress from inside to outside. View the materials, what the different parts are for and how we ensure that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

3D polyester mattress cover

  • Completely breathable for perfect temperature.
  • Washable at 40°C.
  • 100% recyclable.

3D polyester top layer

  • Completely breathable for perfect temperature.
  • Rinsable in the shower, great for allergies.
  • Can be replaced later to extend lifespan and 100% circular.

Additional mini pocket suspension

  • Attached to the 7-zone pocket spring.
  • Provides extra pressure reduction, useful for physical complaints.

7-zone pocket suspension

  • Completely breathable for perfect temperature.
  • Not glued to the cover, so easy to vacuum.
  • Can be replaced later to extend lifespan and 100% circular.

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UBED C-100 matras
UBED M-300 Sale priceFrom €929,00
UBED M-100 matras
UBED M-500 Sale priceFrom €1.179,00

21.5 centimeters

24 centimeters


10-25 kilograms

15-35 kilograms


3D polyester for the optimal temperature before and during sleeping.

Same as UBED M-300.


Pocket spring with multiple zones and a choice of 4 types of hardness (per side).

Same as UBED M-300.

Pressure distribution

Standard pressure distribution.

Thanks to the extra pressure distributor in the mattress, you experience optimal support and pressure relief in every lying position.


First mattress with replaceable parts for a longer lifespan. Then 99% circular, only the zipper remains.

Same as UBED M-300.

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