Prevent skin allergies and irritations with a hygienic mattress

You wash your clothes every week, but you don't clean a mattress once during its entire lifespan? We find that strange, since you spend at least 8 hours a day on it. A foam mattress does not get any cleaner with age. Time to freshen it up.



That's how many liters you lose per year during the night. Most of it is sweat. That is already about half a liter every evening. A foam mattress likes it. This is unhygienic, hot and not good for your skin.

Cleaner skin

With a completely self-cleaning mattress, you give your skin the very best and prevent allergies and irritations.

Increased sleep quality

You sleep better on a cleaner mattress, forget the dirty and warm places and wake up on a fresh mattress.

Longer life span

A hygienic mattress without pollution ensures that your mattress remains of good quality and lasts longer.

"Clean in 3, 2, 1..."

Wash cover

You can easily zip off the top of the cover. You can wash these in the washing machine at a maximum of 60°C. This dries quickly due to its ventilating properties.

Rinse out top layer

Remove the top layer, rinse it in the shower with lukewarm water and hang it to dry. This way you remove all the dust and moisture that remains in the mattress.

Vacuum the inside

Because the parts in the mattresses are not glued, you can reach everything. Lift the pocket spring cores and run the vacuum cleaner through them! It is wise to do this every year.

That's Ubed.