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On this page you will find a selection of the articles published about Ubed. You will also find a number of our awards, such as the VtWonen audience favorite 2023 and the RetailTrends startup of the month award!

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VtWonenUbed VtWonen publiekslieveling 2023

The Substitute: "Ubed crowd favorite VtWonen 2023!"

The jury declared Cooloo the winner in the Best Sustainable Brand category and Cay for the Best Sustainable Starter category. The Houtbroeders became best Sustainable Maker and Ubed ...

VolkskrantUbed in volkskrant magazine

Volkskrant Magazine: "Contributing to a better world while you sleep: these are five local and sustainable bed makers"

By Joline van den Oever You really have to experience for yourself what a comfortable bed is. But those looking for a sustainable bed opt for local production. For example, consult one of the...

ParoolUbed in het parool

Parool: "Ubed promises a mattress for life, because: 'In Amsterdam, 270 mattresses are put on the street every day'"

By Dagmar de Graaf The guys from the start-up Ubed have developed a ventilated mattress. Not only for these warm summer nights, but also in other seasons, it will help you find the right slee...

RetailTrendsUbed is RetailTrends start-up van de maand

RetailTrends: "Startup of the Month: Ubed"

By Savannah Borst In the Netherlands, around one and a half million mattresses end up on the rubbish heap every year. With a modular mattress, where every part can be replaced, Ubed wants to t...

MT/SproutUbed in mt/sprout

MT/Sprout: "Ubed makes a mattress from 100 percent recyclable materials"

By Marco Vlot The Van Gendthallen in East Amsterdam are five large factory halls where steam engines and locomotives used to be made. It is an impressive complex, which is currently being reno...

DeOndernemerDe Ondernemer: "Ubed zegt het matras van de toekomst in handen te hebben" - Ubed

The Entrepreneur: "Ubed says it has the mattress of the future"

By the editors of De Ondernemer The biggest challenge in the mattress industry remains the waste problem. In the Netherlands alone, more than 1.5 million mattresses are discarded every year. Th...

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