Firm mattress

If you have already had several mattresses or have occasionally slept on other beds during holidays, you will get a better idea of ​​what mattress hardness you prefer. Some people are very clear about 'I like a firm mattress', while for other people it is a lot more difficult to choose. The combination lies in your own desire for certain comfort, the support your body needs and any physical complaints. We will help you!

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When to choose a firm mattress?

Choosing a firmer mattress depends on several factors. We list them for you here:

  • Combination of weight and height: it is always about the ratio of your weight and height. Someone weighing 80 kilos and 2 meters tall needs a less firm mattress than someone of the same weight who is, for example, 30 centimeters shorter. Enter the details on our mattress page and see what we recommend.

  • Sleeping position: side sleepers generally benefit from a soft to medium mattress, back sleepers a medium to firm mattress and stomach sleepers a firm mattress.

  • Any physical complaints: do you already suffer from, for example, your joints, shoulders or hips? Then it may be that a harder mattress will not do you any good at all. In this case, be sure to contact us for personal advice!

  • Personal preference: of course you have to like the mattress! So you know that you don't like firm mattresses? Then choose a medium variant.

What are the advantages of a firm mattress?

Provides firm support

If the combination of your weight, height and sleeping position indicates that it is better to choose a firm variant and you prefer harder mattresses, then this is the best option.

Optimal for stomach sleepers

When you sleep on your stomach, you need firmer support to prevent you from sinking too far into the mattress and causing your back to 'curve'. Do you prefer softer? Then choose the medium variant.

Can help with lower back pain

If you sleep on a soft or medium mattress and suffer from lower back pain, a harder mattress may offer the solution. It ensures that your hips sink less into the mattress and your back is better corrected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about firm mattresses. Knowing more? Then get in touch with us!

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