Parool: "Ubed promises a mattress for life, because: 'In Amsterdam, 270 mattresses are put on the street every day'"

Ubed in het parool

By Dagmar de Graaf

The guys from the start-up Ubed have developed a ventilated mattress. Not only for these warm summer nights, but also in other seasons, it will help you find the right sleeping temperature, they promise. Their office and showroom have been located in the Van Gendthallen on Oostenburg for a few months now.

Industrial designer and founder Frans de la Haye (80) is certainly not a newcomer to the bed industry; exactly fifty years ago he invented the famous Auping Auronde, a bed that is designed to last a lifetime.

This should also apply to Ubed mattresses, they say. The use of polyester with an open 3D structure instead of foam has advantages. It ensures that perspiration does not absorb into the mattress, keeping the mattress cooler and more hygienic, and it is also more environmentally friendly.

“In Amsterdam, more than 100,000 mattresses are placed on the street every year. That equates to more than 270 per day. They get dirty there and have to be destroyed. Mattresses that are collected are also difficult to recycle due to the use of foam,” says Wouter Simons (29), responsible for daily management and coordination.

Anyone who purchases a mattress here will not have to put it on the street after a while, the company promises. The price for a single mattress starts at 699 euros, from 1049 euros you can get a double mattress. The parts can be replaced separately, so the mattress can last longer. When it is really worn out, Ubed will collect it and recycle all materials.

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