Volkskrant Magazine: "Contributing to a better world while you sleep: these are five local and sustainable bed makers"

Volkskrant Magazine: "Bijdragen aan een betere wereld terwijl u slaapt: dit zijn vijf lokale en duurzame beddenmakers" - Ubed

By Joline van den Oever

You really have to experience for yourself what a comfortable bed is. But those looking for a sustainable bed opt for local production. For example, consult one of these five Dutch crib manufacturers.


Modular mattress: Ubed

We discard approximately one and a half million mattresses annually, which is mainly due to an average lifespan of a maximum of ten years. Industrial designer Frans de la Haye – not entirely coincidentally also the designer of the aforementioned 'Auronde' bed from Auping – therefore came up with a modular mattress: the 'Ubed'. To ensure that the mattress lasts twice as long (i.e. twenty years), it is made up of two separate cores, two separate comfort layers and a mattress cover: parts that can be replaced by the user. That is new, because the layers of a mattress are usually glued together.

Instead of foam filling, the choice now fell on recyclable 3D polyester. The ventilating mattress cover is washable and the top layer with 3D structure can be rinsed. There is also an advantage for co-sleepers, they can choose their own degree of firmness per bed section. Discarded parts do not have to be placed on the street side, but can be returned to the company itself so that they ensure correct processing. The Ubed is not completely Dutch, because production takes place just across the border in Belgium, but there we are of course ('') up to € 1,999 for two (type m-100).


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