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If you have slept on different mattresses before and know that you are enthusiastic about a mattress that you can sink into, then you are most likely a fan of a soft mattress. This often lies in a piece of experience; the way the mattress hugs your body. But is a soft mattress the perfect mattress for you? Not, the right choice depends on your desire for certain comfort, the required support and any physical complaints. We will help you on your way!

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When do you choose a soft mattress?

If you are still in doubt between a hard or soft mattress, look at the following factors:

  • Combination of weight and height: the proportions are important here, if you both have the same weight but one person is a lot taller, then in most cases it is better for that person to sleep on a softer mattress. Since support is required to a lesser extent. Enter your details on our product page and see what we recommend.

  • Sleeping position: In most cases, side sleepers can sleep better on a soft to medium mattress. Stomach sleepers need firmer support. Back sleepers should choose a medium or hard mattress.

  • Possible physical complaints: since a softer mattress relieves pressure more easily and can be good for blood circulation, a softer mattress is often recommended for physical complaints. It is very important that a mattress is not too soft, in this case you may suffer from (lower) back pain, as you sink too far into the mattress instead of the mattress supporting you.

  • Comfort wish: a mattress should also be very comfortable! Are the above factors correct and do you also find a soft mattress comfortable? Then I think we have a match!

What are the advantages of a soft mattress?

Good option for side sleepers

If you especially enjoy sleeping on your side, a soft mattress can be very suitable. If the mattress is perfectly soft enough, your shoulders and hips will have enough room to sink into the mattress, giving you a natural lying position and relieving pressure.

Can relieve joint pain

A mattress that is on the softer side (not too soft!) naturally has better pressure distribution than a harder mattress. It is important that you look at the material in the mattresses. For example, at Ubed we use 3D layers and mini-pockets that optimally distribute and relieve the pressure.

A unique comfort experience

It may sound logical, but a softer mattress provides a completely different experience than a harder mattress. The mattress that encloses your body gives a cozy feeling. In addition, you can sleep more peacefully on a soft mattress, as your body can circulate better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about soft mattresses. Knowing more? Then get in touch with us!

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