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Luchtdoorlatend matras voor je baby - Ubed

Why mattress ventilation is important for your baby

A baby mattress must be able to allow air and moisture to pass through very well, as this is one of the factors for a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. So it's important to know before you choose a mattress! Read on for our advice.

What makes a baby mattress breathable?

Baby mattresses are made with various materials, most of which use foam. Examples of this are memory foam and cold foam, these types of children's mattresses have little ventilation and are less able to allow moisture to pass through.

That is one of the reasons that we do not use foam at Ubed. Our children's mattress consists of 100% polyester with an open 3D structure, which is known as a highly breathable material. This means that the baby mattress provides optimal ventilation. The air permeability helps with breathing and releasing heat during the night, a better night's sleep for your child.

The benefits of a breathable baby mattress

  • Because heat can be released more easily before and during sleep, your child can sleep deeper and better
  • Even though your baby should sleep on his or her back from birth, a breathable baby mattress ensures that your child can breathe freely.
  • A fully breathable mattress means that the mattress contains no foam, making the mattress completely and easy to clean.

Does an air-permeable baby mattress also mean a clean mattress?

A baby mattress that ventilates well ensures a better night's sleep, but it doesn't stop there. Because if no foam is used, moisture will not remain in the mattress, which is much more hygienic. This means that you will not be bothered by stains with a baby mattress made entirely of polyester with an open 3D structure. Moreover, with a children's mattress from Ubed you can put the cover in the washing machine and rinse the core in the shower. This way your child always lies on a completely clean and fresh mattress!

Buy a breathable baby mattress at Ubed

At Ubed you will find an optimally breathable baby mattress for your child. With an Ubed children's mattress you give yourself and your child peace and comfort. Safe sleep, always a clean mattress and the right hardness. The airy baby mattress is a sustainable choice, because it is made with 100% recyclable materials, so another child can sleep on it in the future.

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