Cool mattress

Koel matras - Ubed

Why should you choose a cooling mattress?

If you get hot quickly in bed, a cooling mattress will help you fall asleep and sleep deeply. In addition, it is a solution for the consequences of a too warm sleeping temperature during the night, such as irregular waking and sweating. What is the most important feature of a really cool mattress? Good ventilation.

Choose a mattress type that provides sufficient ventilation

If you feel warm at night, it means that your body wants to release heat, but there is no room for it. This is a known problem, as most mattresses are made with materials that have a dense cell structure. For example, you can think of mattresses that contain foam or latex, these materials have an insulating effect rather than a ventilating effect.

A pocket spring mattress , on the other hand, has more space to allow air to pass through. However, to make your mattress really feel cooling, at Ubed we only use polyester with an open 3D structure for the filling. This material may be less familiar to you, but because the material is so open, it allows air and moisture to pass through easily. It also has a long lifespan and is 100% recyclable.

The benefits of a cool mattress

  • Because you experience a nice temperature before and during sleep, you sleep deeper and better
  • A ventilated and cool mattress is the solution if you perspire during the night
  • A cool mattress has good moisture regulation, so moisture does not absorb into the mattress and your mattress remains wonderfully fresh

This way you keep your bedroom and mattress as cool as possible

A cool mattress is a good starting point, but there is more you can do to avoid getting too warm during the night. This way you can switch to linen bedding. Try combining a linen duvet cover with a linen fitted sheet . Linen is naturally a fabric that also breathes very well. It therefore works optimally in collaboration with a cooling mattress. What else can you do in your bedroom? Close the curtains, leave a window open or turn on a fan.

Buy a cool mattress at Ubed

Both the UBED M-300 and the UBED M-500 are mattresses with unprecedented ventilation. This is not only due to the pocket spring core, but also due to the use of only polyester layers with an open 3D structure. So there is no foam at all. This ensures a mattress that has both a cooling and moisture-regulating effect. This also prevents the risk of dust mites and bacteria. This way you wake up fresh and energetic every day!