How long does a mattress last?

Hoe lang gaat een matras mee? - Ubed

Before you buy a mattress, you naturally wonder how long it will last. Very understandable, the lifespan of a mattress depends on many factors. In addition to the way the mattress is handled, the construction of the mattress and the use of sustainable materials make a big difference. Would you like to know more about mattresses with a long lifespan? Then read on!

The factors of the lifespan of your mattress

Quality of the material

First of all, the quality is important for the lifespan of your mattress, which is sometimes difficult to distinguish as a consumer. A pocket spring core can differ in quality, without this being communicated directly. A good benchmark is to look at, for example, the warranty that the brand gives, the different models that are offered and of course the price.

The degree of ventilation

You lose about 500 milliliters of moisture per night, which is more than 150 liters per year. A large part of the moisture is absorbed into the mattress, which does not make your mattress fresher. When you buy a mattress with foam or latex filling, for example, the material is susceptible to bacteria and fungi. With 3D material, the air and moisture permeability is so high that you can easily keep your mattress clean for longer. This obviously has a positive influence on the lifespan of your mattress.


It is somewhat the same as the previous point, but you have probably seen a mattress with stains in it before. Not fresh. A mattress whose cover and top layer can be cleaned therefore has a longer lifespan. With Ubed mattresses you can always wash the cover and rinse the top layer in the shower. Also clean the inside? That is possible, you can simply vacuum under the pocket spring.

Type of mattress

The lifespan also depends on the type of mattress. But which type of mattress actually lasts the longest? We have listed all types of mattresses.

Type of mattress

Lifespan in years

Polyether foam mattress


Memory foam mattress


Cold foam mattress


Pocket spring mattress


(Natural) Latex mattress


Talalay Latex mattress


* = pocket spring mattresses can be modular. In this way the lifespan can be extended, you can read how that works below.

How long does a pocket spring mattress last?

Pocket spring mattresses can actually last much longer than people think. The lifespan of a pocket spring mattress depends on the other materials used as filling. We therefore recommend choosing a modular mattress that does not use glue between the materials. This makes it possible to replace the materials surrounding the pocket springs individually, so that the lifespan of the mattress can be extended without having to immediately purchase a completely new mattress.

Buy a mattress with a long lifespan at Ubed

At Ubed we offer mattresses with a modular construction, which means that you can replace layers separately. For example, replace the top layer or cover over time to give your mattress twice as long a life. In combination with properly tuned pocket springs, the modular UBED C-100 or UBED M-100 is an ideal choice for a durable mattress that will last a long time!

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