Pocket spring or cold foam mattress?

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When looking for a new mattress, you quickly come across many technical terms that are used to convince consumers of your new purchase. Every type of mattress has its advantages and disadvantages. What's better? And what are the advantages and disadvantages? We'll discuss it below!

Choosing a pocket spring mattress

Which pocket spring mattress is good?

Pocket spring mattresses are characterized by metal springs that are connected to each other with pockets and can therefore move independently of each other. A good pocket spring mattress is characterized by a 7-zone structure, which means that some springs are firmer than others so that the spine is ergonomically straight. In addition, it is also important that the mattress is built from bottom to top so that it can provide perfect support. A good mattress cannot be turned upside down!

Pocket spring mattress unhygienic?

The perception that pocket spring mattresses are unsanitary is one of the bigger misconceptions in the mattress industry. Pocket spring mattresses ensure less perspiration during the night because they are extremely breathable and moisture-regulating compared to other mattresses. In addition, modular mattresses that are constructed without glue can be completely cleaned by simply taking them apart. Foam mattresses, on the other hand, insulate and therefore absorb a lot of moisture and dust, which is therefore much more difficult to keep clean.

Choose a cold foam mattress

Is cold foam cold?

A pocket spring mattress is known for the excellent ventilation it provides. In contrast to pocket springs, the term "cold foam" causes some confusion. The term “Cold foam” is derived from the production method in which the material is poured into an unheated mold. Although it may sound as if the mattress remains nice and cool during hot periods, for example, this is unfortunately not the case. In fact, polyurethane foam can become very warm during warm periods.

Types of cold foam

Cold foam mattresses come in all different shapes and sizes. There are mattresses that use both cold foam and memory foam. And even cold foam in combination with pocket springs. When purchasing a mattress, always look carefully at all the materials used so that you know where you stand for the coming years. This way you can be sure that the mattress suits you!

Advantages and disadvantages of cold foam and pocket springs

We list the advantages and disadvantages of both types of mattresses:

Advantages of a cold foam mattress

Advantages of a pocket spring mattress




Optimal ventilation

Long lifespan

Proper support (7 zones)



Disadvantages of cold foam mattress

Disadvantages of pocket spring mattress

Warm nights in summer

Springs that are too soft can wear out quickly

Moisture and dust are easily absorbed into the foam

Feels less soft

Heavy material


Which mattress suits me best?

Even though everyone has their own preferences. We see many advantages in a pocket spring mattress, with a filling that allows the mattress to ventilate sufficiently. We recommend choosing a modular pocket spring mattress with a comfort layer of 3D polyester, so you leave nothing to chance. Want to see which mattresses we are talking about? check out the UBED C-100 and UBED M-100 !

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