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DuurzaamheidHoe lang gaat een matras mee? - Ubed

How long does a mattress last?

Before you buy a mattress, you naturally wonder how long it will last. Very understandable, the lifespan of a mattress depends on many factors. In addition to the way the mattress is handled, the ...

HardheidHard of zacht matras - Ubed

Hard or soft mattress

How do you choose your perfect mattress? If you don't sleep on your own mattress for a night, you will soon realize whether you find the mattress too hard or too soft. Everyone has a personal ...

TemperatuurKoel matras - Ubed

Cool mattress

Why should you choose a cooling mattress? If you get hot quickly in bed, a cooling mattress will help you fall asleep and sleep deeply. In addition, it is a solution for the consequences of a ...

KinderenLuchtdoorlatend matras voor je baby - Ubed

Air-permeable mattress for your baby

Why mattress ventilation is important for your baby A baby mattress must be able to allow air and moisture to pass through very well, as this is one of the factors for a safe and comfortable sle...

DuurzaamheidDuurzaam matras - Ubed

Durable mattress

What makes a mattress sustainable? When purchasing sustainable products, you quickly think of using natural or recycled materials, but with a mattress there are more factors involved when you wa...

VentilatieVentilerend matras - Ubed

Ventilating mattress

Why is mattress ventilation so important for your night's sleep? In addition to personal comfort, sleeping temperature is very important for the quality of your sleep. With the right body temp...

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