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Why is mattress ventilation so important for your night's sleep?

In addition to personal comfort, sleeping temperature is very important for the quality of your sleep. With the right body temperature at night, you spend longer in different sleep phases. What does this have to do with mattress ventilation? Well, a lot! If you sleep on a well-ventilated mattress, your body can lose heat and moisture more easily.

Which mattresses ventilate well?

There are many types of mattresses that claim to have excellent ventilation. Unfortunately, in many cases this is not the case. This is because many mattresses still use foam with a dense structure, which is cheaper. Examples of this are polyether, memory foam and latex mattresses. Moisture and air cannot pass through this properly.

A good solution is a pocket spring mattress with an open 3D structure. The open structure allows air and moisture to easily pass through the mattress, making it easier to release heat and therefore sleep more deeply. At Ubed we have completely eliminated the use of foam, so you always enjoy optimal ventilation with the UBED C-100 and UBED M-100 .

Goodbye hot nights, hello fresh mattress

Did you know that people lose an average of about 500 milliliters of fluid per night? With foam mattresses, this is absorbed into the cover and into the mattress itself. A perfect place for bacteria and fungi to build up. Fortunately, this is not the case with our open 3D structure. The ventilation ensures that nights that are too warm and perspiration can be prevented. This way you can continue to sleep peacefully. It is also a lot cleaner for your mattress. Would you still like to wash your cover before you go to sleep? This is possible with all Ubed mattresses!

The benefits of a well-ventilated mattress

  • You enjoy a nice temperature when you go to sleep, which is good for the quality of your sleep
  • It prevents you from sweating during the night
  • It is more hygienic, as bacteria and fungi do not have a chance to build up

What else can contribute to a correct sleeping temperature?

The ventilation of the mattress itself is not the only thing that affects your sleeping temperature. Your bedding also has a major influence on how your body can lose heat. Suppose you have a well-ventilated mattress, but you cover it with a molton or a topper, then you counteract the positive effect. That is why it is better to sleep on a ventilated mattress without a topper. For bedding, linen is a good choice, a linen fitted sheet breathes optimally and dries quickly. The general advice is to keep your bedroom at a temperature of approximately 18 degrees.

Buy a ventilated mattress at Ubed

Hopefully, after reading this article, you understand how important a ventilated mattress is for the quality of your sleep. Have you become enthusiastic about a mattress with optimal ventilation? Then you've come to the right place at Ubed. All our mattresses are made of polyester with an open 3D structure. The covers of the mattresses can always be washed, so very hygienic! Are you still unsure or do you have other questions? Please feel free to contact us.


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